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Who do you like this week? Pick 5

 Landry, Chung, Y. Bell, Whitner, Mayo, Bishop, Laurinaitis, or S. Bradley.

Tackles -1
Assisted Tackles- 0.5
Sack -3  
Int.- 3
Fumble Recovered-3  
Fumble Forced- 2
Stuffs- 2
Passes Defensed -2
TD - 9

Also, after this week do you like Zac Diles better then any of the LB's listed above? Who?

When do you thin Laurinaitis will pick things up? I’m trying to be patient.

Your input is always much appreciated. Thanks!!

theidpguru theidpguru
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Re: Start /Sit


I think Diles has better value than Bradley and/or Bishop (if he doesn't play in the nickel) moving forward assuming he gets the starting MLB role.

Laurinaitis will be fine.