Roster tune-up to start the season

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Roster tune-up to start the season

I wonder if you would help me think through my lineup.  We play 2 DB, 2 LB, 2 flex D.  
Here is the scoring:
Tackle Solo   1
Tackle Assist   0.5
Sack   3
Interception   3
Fumble Force   2
Fumble Recovery   2
Defensive Touchdown   6
Safety   2
Pass Defended   1
Block Kick  2

My roster is currently Harrison Smith, Eric Berry, Von Miller, Jerrell Freeman, Ryan Shazier, and Chandler Jones.  

Currently there are guys on the wire like Briggs, Perry Riley, Mauga, Thomas Davis, Butler, Houston, Foote, Swearinger, and TJ Ward.

My feeling is that I like my DBs, and I ought to drop Jones and maybe Shazier for value when I find it (I often wait for the bye weeks when guys making tough decisions short change their defensive stars).


I plan to pick up and carry Danny Trevathan soon, when I make a couple of offensive decisions.  I am a Patriots homer and want Chandler Jones to justify my pick, but I suspect a lineman might not be good to carry (tho Jared Allen was VERY good to have a couple years back....).

theidpguru theidpguru
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Re: Roster tune-up to start the season

I think Jones is a top 3 DL, so I would compare the total points scored in that range against a LB25-30 (e.g. Briggs) and see which scores more points. I wouldn't drop Shazier at this point.