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Roster - Waiver Wire Help

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I'm in my first league with IDP and we start 2 LB and 2 S.

Scoring: Sack 3, Blocked Punt, PAT or FG 6, Each Fumble Recovered 3, Total Tackles 2, Each Interception 3, Each Safety 2

Currently, my roster consists of:

LB P Willis SF @TEN
LB J Freeman IND vsDEN
S E Berry KC vsHOU
S G Quin DET vsCIN

I recently dropped both B Carter and D Butler for other positions I needed to fill. With Freeman looking like he will miss Sunday's game, would you consider dropping him for one of the following?

A Ogletree STL @CAR
AJ Hawk GB vsCLE
E Henderson MIN @NYG
L Fletcher WSH vsCHI
L Timmons PIT vsBAL

Additionally, should I replace either of my S with any of the following:
Y Bell ARI vsSEA
A Rolle NYG vsMIN
L Landry IND vsDEN
D Whitner SF @TEN

Also, should I try to find room to pick up S L Landry IND regardless of starting this weekend?

Sorry for the newbie questions, I'm still getting acclimated to IDP. ANy suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Re: Roster - Waiver Wire Help

Freeman is going to play as is Landry, so pick up Landry and play him.