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Rank 'Em I thank Em'

I'm feeling pretty confident about my line-up
just need the 4th spots reviewed if yu wouldent mind

1.P.willis -AKA GOD
3.Desmond Bishop
4.Problem ->[Angerer or Bradley]

Defensive backs
1.Yeremiah Bell
2. T.J Ward
3. Laron Landry
4. Problem -> [ Antoine Winfield or Michael Huff]

P.S Have you ever thought of maybe making a weekly ranking of players in positions? maybe make all these questions less of a hassle? in any case, thanks :)

theidpguru theidpguru
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Re: Rank 'Em I thank Em'

I'd go with Bradley. He's done well against strong matchups this season and it doesn't get much better than the Giants lately for opposing fantasy linebackers.

I'd go with Winfield over Huff.

I've thought about weekly rankings, I just haven't had the time to compile them on a weekly basis. People would still have lineup questions even with the ranking .