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Pick two DBs

Hi Guru-

My league is very tackle heavy.  Which two DBs should I go with this week?  B. Pollard (obvious choice of course), Chung (injured knee), or Greg Toler (been putting up huge # of tackles every week).  

I also picked up Dwan Edwards and N. Suh to start as my DLs this week.  You mentioned Kyle Williams as one of the pickups for this week.  Should I drop one of them for him?  If so, who?  Or, is there other options that may be better?  Your thoughts???

Scoring system:

Tackle solo - 1pt
Tackle assist - 0.5pt
Sack - 2pt
Int. - 2pt
Forced fumbles & recoveries - 2pts
Def Td - 6pt

Thanks in advance,

T. Watts  
theidpguru theidpguru
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Re: Pick two DBs

Chung if he plays, otherwise Toler.

I'd stick with the linemen you have.