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IDP's Week 2

I play in 10 team H2H non-keeper league that offers the following positions and scoring for the IDP part of my roster.

DT, DE, LB, LB, DB, DB, DP, DP (The last two are Defensive Player spots where any Defensive Player can be played.)

Tackle = 1, Sack = 3, INT = 2, TFL = 1, FF = 2, Pass Defended = 1

My current IDP roster consists of the following - Sedrick Ellis, Julius Peppers, Jon Beason, Rolando McClain, Bernard Pollard, Eric Weddle, Stewart Bradley, and Daryl Washington are my starters and my bench consists of Brian Cushing, Trent Cole, and Antoine Winfield

I am going to be dropping Bradley this week as it looks like he will be out this week and possibly next. My question to you guys, the experts, is who out of a couple available free agents should I pick up? I'm looking for not only Week 2 value but a guy who could be great for the rest of 2010. Also, there are a couple Safeties available, my second question is are any of them worth dropping Antoine Winfield for?

Lawrence Timmons, LB
Derrick Johnson, LB
Will Witherspoon, LB
James Farrior, LB
Pat Chung, S
LaRon Landry, S
Michael Griffin, S
Donte Whitner, S
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Re: IDP's Week 2

I think Chung and Landry are capable of putting up LB2 type numbers from their DB positions. You already have two very solid starting DBs in Pollard and Weddle, but I would drop Winfield for Chung or Landry.

Daryl Washington is going to be a stud, but it's probably going to take a few weeks for him to start playing in nickel packages and until he does, he's not going to put up stud-like numbers. Timmons should have a monster game this week against Chris Johnson and the Titans. I think this is the year he explodes onto the IDP scene. D. Johnson should be solid, but carries some risk as Haley likes to change his mind quickly about personnel decisions. I would drop Washington and go with Timmons. A little risky, but you have to get risky sometimes to win your league.