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Dynasty League Keeper

I have considered using one of my contracts in bringing back Devin McCourty for 2013.
What are your thoughts regarding Devin?

Should I rather use the contract on a different defensive player, like Paul Posluszny, Derrick Johnson, Colin McCarthy?

Based on Scoring System we use, he's the #1 DB as of the finish of Week 15.
#3 Defensive player overall compared to categories DB, LB, DL's.

Scoring System:
Tkl Solo - 2.5
Tkl Assist - 1
Sack - 4
Int - 5
Fum Force - 4
Fum Recovery - 5
Defnsv Td - 6
Safety - 15
Pass Def - 4
Block Kick - 10
Takl for Loss - 1
Kick/Punt Return yds - 8yds per 1 point
Return TD - 6
theidpguru theidpguru
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Re: Dynasty League Keeper

Although he's had a good year, there is too much volatility from year to year at the fantasy DB position to use a contact on him IMO. I'd rather use it for a LB1 stud like Derrick Johnson.