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Obiwan Kenblomi Obiwan Kenblomi
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DB pick up?

Good morning, Guru!

What do you think of TJ Ward?  I've been scouting him for a few weeks and am thinking about picking him up to replace Winfield.  ( I desperately want to replace Winfield).

Week 1 - 8tk, 4atk and FF

Week 2 - 10tk, 1atk

Is he on track to continue this?  I was going to pick him up this week but figured I'd get your thoughts on him first.  Using my scoring system, listed below, he is near the top every week with that tackle production.

Also, have your thoughts changed any on Nate Allen?  I want to  drop him (he's on my bench) but haven't for 2 reasons:  1)he's my "find" since early preseason  and I always tend to give them longer time on my bench (too long oftentimes, I might add) and 2) is he going to be one of those rarer DBs that doesn't have huge tackle numbers but is worthy of a spot because of his big play ability?  He's all over the field when the ball's in the air.

I"m thinking about dropping him, but I just know when I do his tks+atks will go from 4-5 to 6-7 and he'll keep creating big plays on D.

Should I give him a few more weeks on my bench?  I've got room.

Love the site!!  

My IDP scoring system: 16 team Keeper League:  TK-1pt, ATK-1, Sack-3, Int-3, FF & FR-3, PD-1.  Multiple bonus thresholds for high TK and ATK each, Sacks, INT Yds and FR Yds.
theidpguru theidpguru
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Re: DB pick up?

Hey Obi:

I'd pick up Ward. He's the real deal and with the Browns playing a lot of 46 defense and their offense sucking so badly, he's due for a very nice tackle season. He's got more upside than Winfield especially in your scoring system.

I like Allen. I see him as a poor man's Dashon Goldson. A mid-range tackler with good big-play production. However, your scoring system is tackle-heavy, so I would go out and grab a DB that is in a better position to make a lot of tackles.